Thursday, October 31, 2013

One month to go!

Wow I think I'm actually getting REALLY excited about moving now...though with that comes the inevitable travel anxiety that I always get.  This time it's worse, because I know I'm not coming back for a long while.  I think that feeling of "did I leave the stove on?" is going to be super intense on the actual day we're leaving!

We're really organized and that's helping.  Every day that goes by is another day where more is accomplished, even if it's just little things.  I'm holding on to the "accomplished" feelings and trying to let go of the anxious ones...but it's hard to fall asleep at night because my brain is on overdrive.  This weekend we're getting rid of more stuff, old clothes, books and kitchen stuff we've barely (or never) used; donating them to Value Village or the like.  Also we'll be booking the storage unit soon, so can start moving things into there.  Yup it's really happening!!  One month to go.

Getting things set up on the Costa Rican end too.  I've been in talks with representatives of a great company called Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals who makes health supplements for people, pets and horses.  They're generously donating pet supplements to the animal rescue!  I'll be bringing some down with me next month, and then we'll be able to bring donations down in small amounts whenever people visit from Toronto (note to all our friends!).  Here's a picture of what's been donated so far (with my photobombing cat Stitches in the background):

These products are going to help SO much with the immune systems and overall heath of the animals being treated for disease and infection!  I'm so thankful to Sharon, Andrea and Monika at Omega Alpha for their generosity:)

Another announcement to add on the theme of generosity.  Nosara Animal Care has set up this fundraising site to raise funds for the animals, to make sure they can provide nutritious and good quality food.  Please check it out and share with everyone you can:

Here's a video to also see more of what NAC provides to the community:

I've also set up an online purchasing gallery for my photography, which will make it easier for people to purchase prints wherever they are in the world!  It's a local Toronto gallery/print shop located in the Distillery district called Pikto.  I set it up on their gallery page, and people order through them (they deliver worldwide!).  Then I receive my artist's commission from any of my work that's been sold.  Here's the link if you want to check them out, I could only upload 15 images so I chose mostly travel/landscape:
Please rate my images if you like them!  Or better yet, purchase a print :)  I'll be updating the prints available as my creativity and time allows.   I think a lot of my photography efforts in Costa Rica will be dedicated to providing amazing pictures of the animals at NAC who are up for adoption.  It's a proven fact that pretty pictures help adopt out strays and rescues!  Though I'd love to continue my work with doing portraiture, events and nature/fine art photography, too.

On a more personal note:
So, should we be worried about earthquakes?  My friend sent me this article, out of interest's sake, but it got me to thinking...
That is also a question I've been asked by people recently.  Or the other one is "What kind of bad weather do they have down there?".
Hmmmm...well.  My answer has been (and always will be) that I'm not worried about these things. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm anxious about the journey down there; mostly about the cats and making sure we've taken care of everything (no loose ends!).  But I'm not worried about anything.  Worry = Fear.  Fear stops us from living our dreams.  I've always been the type of person to jump into things with both feet, often without looking.  Sure, sometimes I've stumbled and fallen..and a couple of times, the leap has left me with my heart in a few pieces.  But taking those chances is amazing, because even if I fall...I do so with no regrets.  And more often than naught, I become more accomplished, happier, proud and secure in who I am as a person.  And I'm living my dreams :)
If the earth moves beneath my feet, I might fall.  But as long as I'm able, I'll keep getting up again.

Stitches the photobombing cat has one last thing to say:

(He's the only one who would let me dress them up, haha)

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