Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cha-cha-cha-cha Changes!

The process of moving from the concrete jungle to, well, the actual jungle has not only challenged our ideals and concepts of comfort and needs vs. wants, but our very perception of survival.  The line "Bring only what you NEED to survive" from one of my favourite movies (Spaceballs) is really not as funny any more; though I'm still bringing my hair dryer:p  

As I'm typing this, I'm watching a movie in the background on our 60" tv, surrounded by Queen Anne chairs, fancy electronics and appliances.  I'm not saying I don't *enjoy* these things, or that I don't appreciate the fact that I can even have them at all.  I feel completely blessed that our life situations have allowed us to live this way.  I've also seen another side of life.  I lived it for 7 weeks earlier this year, where I fell in love with the jungle, the ocean and the simple lifestyle.  Not an easy lifestyle...let's get that clear from the start.  Especially with what my main "job" will be down there, if you have't already guessed from the title.  I put the word job in quotations, because I don't consider the rescue, rehab, nursing and caring for abandoned, abused and homeless animals a job (although it IS hard work!); I consider it my calling.  More on that topic later! 

The next two months will, in themselves, be a we truly discover what we'll need to survive.  I have to say that when I was there earlier this year, the only things I wanted that I didn't have were my boyfriend and my cats.  And maybe a few more clothes.  And the Xbox. Being a consumer and loving products has been driven into all of us, and it's hard to escape the urge to bring all of our *stuff* now that I'm back here and surrounded by it all.  But as lists are made, and our possessions are finding new (temporary or permanent) homes, it's getting easier by the day to let things go.  And each time I get a confirmation from someone about taking a piece of furniture, or purge books and clothes, I feel lighter and freer than I have in ages.  Dan and I talked extensively about our stuff, and I know he's been going through the same mental challenges.  I was worried at the beginning, but he's almost doing better than I am with this process!

The MOST challenging aspect of this move for me right now is organizing and timing all of the veterinarian visits and paperwork needed to bring the cats down with us.  Booking their flight was the easy part..just a phone call and a few hundred dollars:p  But we have to bring the cats in twice to the vet; once for exams/vaccines (at least 30 days before travel) and again for an exam (to get health certificates) within two weeks of travelling.  Now that doesn't sound horrible (except to the bank acccount!) but after the second exam, once the vet has signed everything, THEN the paperwork has to get signed by a government vet, and THEN sent to the Costa Rican consulate in Ottawa to get stamped.  All within 2 weeks.  This hurts my brain and is the current stress keeping me up at night:/  I'm assured it will all work out and that this happens all the time, and I know deep down that it will all be okay.  But that doesn't stop the worry!  Express Post will be my best friend.

Stay tuned as things unfold in the beginning of our journey:)  I will probably end up posting items on here that we're selling or giving away, so subscribe to make sure you're getting the latest posts!!


  1. Am looking forward to reading about your adventures!!!

  2. So excited for you guys! Look forward to reading all about it. Maybe even visiting :)

  3. Thanks for reading! I'll make sure to update frequently :)