Tuesday, November 12, 2013

15 days!!!

Well, we shipped off a few more things this past weekend.  The cats were mildly upset for the first little while but I convinced them all was well when I found some old cat toys that had been hidden under the furniture that left.  The living room is now much emptier, and the attic is starting to look bare, too!

We also had our Epic going away party this past Saturday evening, hosted by our amazing friends...the couple that is also travelling with us so that we can take all four cats on the plane in-cabin.  I think there must have been around 50 people there.  Our nearest and dearest:)  It was a treat to see everyone in the same room, and to know that they were all there in support of us and our decision to take this journey.  As much as I've been ready to leave this city for a few years now, I will definitely miss all of them.  I won't miss anything else though...except maybe the nearest convenience store, since in Nosara the nearest store isn't very "near".  Our friends and family (Dan's) reminded me of the good in this world, and I felt an overwhelming joy in being surrounded by them.  I know that even though we'll be distanced, we'll still be able to talk to each other and keep in touch.  Such is the way of technology!

My travel anxiety isn't getting any better though:/  15 days to go!  Makes the heart pound in anticipation and slight panic over "what have I forgotten to do?".  I have lists, I've gone over everything, contacted banks and credit cards, changed my address, and have all the papers for the cats.  We're both up to date on travel vaccines, and we're requesting copies of our recent medical records (to be safe).  We're not bringing a lot with us.  Mostly clothes, my vet books, my camera, computers, xbox, some stuff the cats are familiar with (blanket, toys, etc..), donated products and the cats.  Everything else is storage or "storage" in friends' homes, or given away/donated to charity.  Am I missing something?  Or do I just need to breathe...

I tried looking up "travel anxiety" and mostly just got articles to help people afraid of flying.  That's not my problem.  I LOVE flying and it's even on my bucket list to learn how to fly a plane some day.  I flew to Bali, Indonesia by myself (met up with friends once there) and that was crazy; 3 flights, approx 30 hrs of travel.  I was fine.  A little paranoid of my bag (I did carry-on only, no checked bags) and worried someone was going to make me into an unsuspecting mule...but otherwise it was a fun adventure in world travel.  I flew to Vancouver, then Taiwan, then Bali.  I've also flown to Japan non-stop, and to England twice.  So yaa, flying isn't my problem.  Maybe it's because I'm flying with my cats this time?  That seems more valid.  But knowing they're with us on the plane relieves a ton of potential worry, and I've got rescue remedy and feliway for them to help ease the journey :)

Perhaps it's a combination of excitement and the inevitable "not knowing what the future holds".  I'm anxious to get back into doing what I'm meant to do, which is saving and healing animals.  Every day since I've been back in Toronto, since my last trip there, I've felt myself being held back, so to speak, from living my purpose.  So definitely I can see why I'm anxious to get back there to continue my work.  I didn't want to leave at all!  I also have SO many ideas, and I think those are overwhelming me too...and stopping me from getting a good night's sleep.  I'm going to be starting a business there doing puppy/dog training and consultations, as well as a pet first aid course for pet owners.  The website is all done, thanks to the amazing talented boyfriend :)  I'm not really advertising yet because it's not registered, and I have to hire a local person once I'm there in order to legitimately run the business.  They totally allow visitors on tourist visas to start and register businesses in Costa Rica, but you have to hire locally to ensure their job market is supported.  Completely understandable.  I will definitely want a person fluent in Spanish, and someone to help with the classes.  Here's the website if you want to check it out: Nosara Happy Pets .  Once I'm there and it's registered, I'll be advertising locally:)  Before I register I'll put feelers out to gauge interest, too.  I know there's interest through talking with people who live there...the industry isn't saturated like it is in Toronto, or North America in general.   Wish me luck!

So.  through typing this, I believe I've narrowed down some of the issues that are causing my anxiety, which I'm hoping will mean I'll get a better night's sleep tonight ;)  Tomorrow I've got a tattoo consult appointment (want to get one done before I go!) and then more packing...followed by having friends over for a Terminator-a-thon.  Because really, can you ever get enough of that series?  I know I can't!


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